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Welcome Message from the Chairman of the 5th International Congress of Chinese Nephrologists



A warm welcome to joining the 5th International Congress of Chinese Nephrologists (ICCN) in Hong Kong this year.


In 2019, around the time before the coronavirus pandemic, I was attending the Third International Congress of Chinese Nephrologists at the Nanjing International Youth Cultural Centers. That is a beautiful venue designed by Zaha Hadid Architects. After a hiatus of travel restriction, I went back to Guangzhou in 2023 when the Fourth International Congress of Chinese Nephrologists was held in the picturesque Huangpu District.   


Under the leadership of Prof. Philip Li as the President of the International Association of Chinese Nephrologists, we are pleased to have the fifth Congress in Hong Kong in 2024. I do not know how many ICCN you have attended, but I can reassure everyone you will not want to miss any one. This is an event we come to learn the meaning of friendship. What impressed me the most is not the lecture content of the Congress – which is mind-blowing – but the great chance to have networking with Chinese nephrologists around the world. There has never been a more exciting time to do that.


Our purpose is in our very name. Chinese nephrologists are busy and everywhere. We all know we need to stay on top of medical science because we’re living through a period of rapid knowledge change. It’s no secret that the face-to-face congress is still the best channel to know the speakers, meet other audience and make new friends.


Last but not least, I wish to take this opportunity to thank Prof. Li for shepherding this conference from concept in 2014 to the fifth one this year. My deep thanks also go to: Hong Kong Society of Nephrology and local organizing and scientific committees, our senior advisor Prof. Richard Yu. I’m also profoundly grateful to all of you supporting and joining the Fifth ICCN in Hong Kong.  


Dr. Kai-Ming Chow
Chairman, Local Organizing Committee
5th International Congress of Chinese Nephrologists